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Welcome to RealLifeRunways =)

This Linkshell is different from most others because there is no Leader!  It is run with event leaders only.  Every member will be treated equally and new members and events will be voted on by LS members.  Hopefully this goes well!

Most events will run from 6p-10pm on the weekdays due to work and/or college, events on the weekend will be held from 12p to whenever.  As of right now events will be on weekdays Monday and Wednesday @6p-11p ish.  Weekends will remain free for the exception of Sundays now for Salvage (once we get things situated), usually Witheringmonkey, Shenden, and I (Wonderfluf) are one so just /tell if there is something you would like to do or want help with (this goes for any day doesn't matter when, just if there is an event scheduled we will work around it the best we can).

Just a side note: Everything has to be in Eastern Standard Time because I never really learned geography and really don't understand 
time zones unless someone tells me the difference lolz.

This site was just put up on the spur of the moment so if you have an ideas on how to improve it let me know, I'm open to anything. =)

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Wonderfluf, Aug 3, 12 1:55 AM.
To the old/new LS,

     Most of the old members here have been through a lot and I appologize, but I would like to re-build our LS as well as some of the older members.  We would like to make a new schedule, which unfortunately is hard to do due to conflicting schedules.  The only thing I can say is those of us who are here to make the events will go and if others can't I appologize.  We all come from different areas of the world and while that is really neat it makes things difficult to schedule, so here is the deal:  If there is something you would like to do let me know and I will do my best to make that happen.  If you don't make me aware then I can't help you. 

    I will try to post what we are doign in advance and if your interested come out and join us.  The more the merrier.  In addition, shenden and I will be looking into getting new members so that we are able to run events such as the new nzyule.  Be prepared to see and welcome some new faces! =)

    Lastly, please let me know if you are interested in salvage.  I was told shenden would like to go as well as me and possibly witheringmonkey!  Just to start something outside of abbysea.  This would run most likly on Sundays.  I would like to know who is interested and when on Sunday if you would like to go could make it to go.  So let me know.  Hope to see you all soon. -Wonderfluf
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Real Life Runaways is currently recruiting a skilled player who has a level 90 WHM, 90 BLM, & 90 THF/NIN/MNK I am hoping to find someone who is versatile and willing to play those 3 jobs when asked in order to prevent members from being stuck playing the same job in all LS events.
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